1. Martha Stewart MTS-FGBPL Fiberglass Bypass Lopper

Martha Stewart MTS-FGBPL Fiberglass Bypass Lopper

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Style:Bypass Lopper CUT CLEANLY THROUGH BRANCHES! Only the finest can bring out your best. Handselected by Martha and tested on her farm, MTS-FGBPLis perfectsetofloppersto add to yourgardening arsenal. Thecarbonsteel, rust-resistant2. 8-inch lopper bladesslicethroughbranches up to3/4-inch thick. Classically designed with the modern gardener in mind, thebypass-style blades act like a pair of scissors to slice evenly and cleanly, encouraging water run-off and proper healing. Snip stems of flowers, shape topiaries and shrubs, and clip away deadand dying endsin comfort + style with the extra-long 17. 5-inch handles for superior control. The heavy-duty, wear-resistantdesignis certain to last for years of continuous, reliable use. Choose the garden guru’s favorite and Get Equipped with Martha Stewarts Garden Collectionby Sun Joe.