1. Master's Grade 7 PCS 8 inches Bonsai Tool Set (kit) JTTK-06B

Master's Grade 7 PCS 8 inches Bonsai Tool Set (kit) JTTK-06B

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Master Grade Bonsai Tool Set JTTK-06B Product Description Name: Bonsai Tool Set JTTK-06B Brand: TianBonsai Material: 5Cr15MoV alloy steel Tool Set Detail (all master's grade): # 210mm trunk splitter 1pc # 210mm jin pliers 1pc # 210mm wire cutter 1pc # 210mm knob cutter 1pc # 210mm branch cutter 1pc # 210mm long handle scissors 1pc # bonsai tweezers 1pc (made by 3Cr13 alloy steel) Surface Treatment: sand polish Tool Set Detail master's grade 210mm trunk splitter Function Detail: This trunk splitter, have very sharp and firm cutting edge, use it to splitting the branch you want to bend for the nice modelling. as the professional design, it didn’t additional damage, your trees would heal very fast. master's grade 210mm jin pliers Function Detail: This jin pliers, have long handle and high hardness tooth, For circle the training wire, modeling bonsai. And, it's top of head is absolutely close, is very useful to tearing the tree bark. master's grade 210mm wire cutter Function Detail: This wire cutter, have special working cutting blade, its 2 pieces blade were excellent closed and exactly symmetrical, using this cutter to cutting the wire, would have a very clean and symmetric incision, the user can cutting the training wire follow his inclinations. if need to dismantle the wire wound on the branch, use this wire cutter, never hurt the bark and work very quickly. master's grade 210mm knob cutter Function Detail: This knob cutter, have a round concave edge, use to cutting the bonsai tree burl and root burl, would making a circular concave incision. in the healing process, tree's sap would cover this incision and let it healing quickly and excellent smooth. master's grade 165mm branch cutter Function Detail: This branch cutter have a straight cutting edge, use it to cutting the branch, could making a V-notch, so the tree's sap can covering the V-notch and let it healing quickly and excellent smooth. master's grade 180mm long handle scissors Function Detail: This long handle scissors, was made by the 5Cr15MoV stainless steel and manufactured via the forging technology, have the very high hardness, be designed for topiary small branches and leaves of bonsai, it's long blade was one-time edged by the single-disk rotary hydrostone-flat grinder, so it's cutting function is excellent. it's a really long handle scissors, and have sharp blade, its very useful to cutting off the branches around in the thick leaves. likewise, it's the important tools for bud picking. About TianBonsai TianBonsai Tools Company is a professional manufacturing company focusing on the creation of high quality bonsai tools. Our production facility is located in China. At TianBonsai we have the foremost trained craftsmen with a complete production line. Many years of experience have taught us how to make the best quality bonsai tools. We are the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many famous brand bonsai tool companies. Since June 2013, we have established our own online stores at major global e-commerce websites. We now have acquired the trust of many bonsai enthusiasts around the world. Carrying on the management philosophy that the customer comes first, TianBonsai continues to improve the logistics of distribution and after-purchase service. We constantly consider your wishes so you have the best consumer experience possible. Our commitment is to bring to you the most reliable, durable and finest products achievable. We hope that our products increase your enjoyment of bonsai and together we can advance this ancient, elegant art. Four Basic Categories From TianBonsai Tian Bonsasi tools fall into four basic categories: Standard , Professional , Master and Master Craftsman Series. About TianBonsai tools Material Four quality level tools, made by below different alloy steel: Master Craftsman Series: 9Cr25MoV Master's Grade: 5Cr15MoV Professional Grade: 4Cr13MoV Standard grade: 3Cr13 Strictly speaking it's not the real stainless steel, it is more advanced alloy material. As the good material for the bonsai tools, would need with high intensity, strong tenacity and wearability, so our tools were Alloy-Steel, which contains Molybdenom, Vanadium, Carbon and Chromium, after quenching treatment, have very high intensity, strong tenacity and wearability. But, please note one condition, because of this material contained Carbon, it's surface still would be rusting. but because of it also contained the Chromium, the Chromium will formation a layer passivation film to protecting the body of tools and never let it rusting. so, if you don't tending your tools after long time used, perhaps you will find your tools have a bit rusty, don't worry, the rust only on the surface, it never injure your tools. The quality level mark on the handle of TianBonsai Tools Master Craftsman Series Master Craftsman Series bonsai tools, is the newest series from TianBonsai, it's a special gift for the master. this series tools, were hand made by the m