1. Mesh Postpartum Underwear 6pcs Disposable C-Section Maternity Panties Women M/L White

Mesh Postpartum Underwear 6pcs Disposable C-Section Maternity Panties Women M/L White

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Mesh Postpartum underwear comes with a blend that allows proper ventilation and cushioning. This conforms to your body, resulting in less discomfort and irritation. After post-delivery, most women experience postpartum so wearing special underwear that copes with such bleeding is necessary. Most women after pregnancy take at least a year or two to get back into shape. Wearing tight underwear can make you feel uncomfortable and fidgety all the time. Hence, a good breathable and conformable fabric might help.

Our Postpartum Underwear

This seamless knit mess postpartum underwear is special designed for post maternity women,post surgical and delivery recovery after childbirth for both vaginal and C-section deliveries. The design is quiet different with normal briefs, disposable, warp knitted, highly stretchable and breathable fixation, made of polyester & spandex Seamless material, reusable simply wash at 60°C(140°F)and allow to dry naturally.

From Flat to Stretch of Waistband Range Sizes:
M/L Flat 12" Stretch to 31"
XL Flat 13" Stretch to 35"
XXL Flat 14" Stretch to 39"
XXXL Flat 16" Stretch to 53"

From Flat to Stretch of Leg Opening Range Sizes
M/L Flat 6.5" Stretch to 15.5"
XL Flat 7" Stretch to 17.5"
XXL Flat 7.5" Stretch to 19.5"
XXXL Flat 8.5" Stretch to 26"

From Flat to Stretch of Height Range Sizes:
M/L Flat 9" Stretch to 24"
XL Flat 9.5" Stretch to 27"
XXL Flat 10" Stretch to 29"
XXXL Flat 13" Stretch to 39"

Little Tips:
Do not soak, wash in time, hand water wash ?30°C),
Hang to dry
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not tumble dry
Do NOT suggest wash frequently.