1. Moto Mods Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Moto Mod - Black

Moto Mods Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Moto Mod - Black

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Play music, get answers to questions and more, just using the sound of your voice. With the Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Moto Mod™, you can experience the benefits of Amazon Alexa right from your smartphone.*

Hear and be heard. Turn up your favorite tunes with a powerful stereo speaker.† Four microphones make it easier for Alexa to hear your questions, even when music's playing or you're sitting across the room.

Ask Alexa. Plan out your day by checking the weather, setting your schedule, mapping your commute and more. Pick a new song or look up which artist you want to play next. Just ask, and Alexa automatically updates your screen.

Convenient charging. Access Alexa, even while your phone is still charging. The smart speaker with Amazon Alexa Moto Mod includes a convenient docking design for fueling up your phone.

Built-in battery. Add up to 15 hours of power to your phone.‡ Power your speakers without draining your phone by using the built-in battery.