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Must-Have iPod Accessories

Posted by Sam Weiss on 1/30/2014
It seems like every new mobile device that hits the market these days has the capability to play music, whether it's songs you've downloaded from iTunes or one of the streaming music apps like Pandora or Vevo. Despite this musical running of the bulls, the iPod still holds a special place in our hearts...and ears. The reasons that iPod aficionados give for holding on to their favorite digital mini-jukebox ranges from the tradition of it to wanting to listen to music without being interrupted by the phone. No matter what your particular reason may be, if you own an iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Nano or Shuffle, there are certain iPod accessories that you simply must have at your disposal.

The Wireless FM Transmitter

A wireless FM transmitter, like the i.Sound model carried by Unlimited Cellular, is a great way to use your iPod in conjunction with any FM radio. It allows you to transmit the audio from your iPod, iPhone or other mobile device to an FM radio, home or car, and play your music through the larger radio speakers. You literally just plug it in, select the frequency and rock your socks off.

The Rechargeable Back-Up Battery

Power is a good thing, especially when you're listening to your favorite music. Having a rechargeable back-up battery like the Zagg Sparq portable model is a great way to ensure that your iPod, or any of your other mobile tech toys, never runs out of juice again. It is extremely compact and easy to carry, plus it even has two USB ports, so you can charge your iPod and iPhone at the same time, and since it is rated at 6,000 mAh, there's always power to spare.

A Docking Station with Speakers

We don't just listen to our iPods when we're out on the road, we often listen to them at home as well. A docking station with speakers, like the iHome iHM16L Portable Stereo Speaker System is the perfect home iPod accessory. It is extremely affordable, has a small footprint so it doesn't take much desk space, and the sound you get from those speakers is nothing short of amazing. Your iPod never sounded so big!

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