1. NIKA SEEDS - Vegetable Indoor Dwarf Tomato Santa Claus - 25 Seeds

NIKA SEEDS - Vegetable Indoor Dwarf Tomato Santa Claus - 25 Seeds

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Indoor Tomato Santa Claus Many dwarf varieties are called patio tomatoes and produce small plants and small crops. The Santa Claus reaches heights of about 10 inches and generally does not require staking. It develops deep red, cherry-sized fruits on a plant. Growing season may be over, but winter conditions shouldn’t stop you from enjoying fresh homegrown tomatoes. Even with the temperature dropping outside, indoor climates are warm enough to support tomato plants this time of year. Planting instructions: Tomatoes indoors should be planted in well-drained, stable pots a minimum of 12 inches deep and wide in diameter. Tomato requires full sun so place them in the sunniest position of your balcony. Plant tomatoes in fertile soil to ensure favorable growth. Sow tomato seeds when the risk of frost passes and spring arrives. (*If you live in a warm frost free sub-tropical or tropical climate you can plant and grow tomatoes year round). Seeds will germinate quickly within 5-10 days. Transplant them in containers when two real leaves form. Tomato seedlings should be planted deeply to the level of the first leaf, to generate deep and additional roots and increase the collection of nutrients by the plant. Tomatoes are heavy feeders. Fertilize in less amount, but more often, it is the secret of high yield of tomatoes. Fertilize once in a week or two according to the needs of your plant. Tomatoes indoors constantly need moist. Water tomatoes in a way that it’ll not soak their leaves. Wet leaves are the leading cause of blight and other fungal diseases. The best temperature for growing tomatoes is between 50F to 95F.