1. NIKA SEEDS - Vegetable Onion Snow White - 300 Seeds

NIKA SEEDS - Vegetable Onion Snow White - 300 Seeds

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ONION SNOW WHITEWhite onions are medium to large in size and are globular in shape with rounded or slightly tapered ends. The bulb is encased in a bright white, papery, parchment-like skin that is flaky, dry, and thin. Underneath the skin, the white, almost translucent flesh is firm, crisp, and juicy with many layers of thin white rings. White onions are crunchy and tender with a pungent, mildly sweet flavor and have a mellow, non-abrasive aftertaste.Planting instructions:To increase seed germination, they are placed in a bag and dipped in hot water (about 140 F). After 40 minutes, the bag is removed from hot water and lowered into cold water for the same period of time. This procedure is carried out on the day of planting seeds. Start onions from seeds sown indoors in February or early March. One way to start onions from seed indoors is to sow the seed in two rows, about a quarter-inch deep, in 4- x 6-inch containers filled nearly to the top with a seed starting mix. Keep the containers warm (near, but not too near, the wood stove, for instance, or on top of the refrigerator) and keep the seed starting mix moist. When the greens shoot up and are 4 to 5 inches tall, clip the tops to keep the plants a manageable size. The clippings can go into soups, salads or sandwiches. In late April or early May, transplant the seedlings to a fertile, well-drained spot in the garden. Keep the onion plot weeded and watered throughout the growing season. Onions are shallow-rooted and respond well to an even supply of soil moisture. Their tops do not compete well with weeds, hence the importance of weeding.