1. NorStar Cable TV in-Line Coaxial Surge Protector

NorStar Cable TV in-Line Coaxial Surge Protector

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Protect your cable box, satellite receiver, or any distribution amps and splitters you may have from damage by lightning strikes and power surges with this "F" male to "F" female surge protector. You may have your television and other media devices plugged into a surge protector, but don't forget about your cable box or satellite receiver. Lightning strikes or unexpected power surges can damage these expensive pieces of equipment in the blink of an eye by traveling through the coaxial cable it is connected to. Protect these devices and other components in your system like distribution amplifiers or splitters with this inexpensive problem solver. Specifications Surge protection attack time: 0.0000001 seconds (100 nanoseconds) Maximum life test surge discharge current: 10,000 amps (8/20┬Ás, 10 times with 3 minute intervals) Maximum surge voltage: Multiply 5,000 times ohms of coax loop Surge life: 300 surges of 100 amps (10 microsec x 1000 microsec test pulse) Normal resistance across coax: 10,000 mega ohms Surge resistance: Approximately 0 ohms Power passing capability: 50 Volts DC or AC peak-to-peak 36 Volts RMS, 10 Amps Insertion loss: Less than 0.2 dB Video-1500 MHz Return loss (75 ohms): 16dB (VSWR 1.38) Video to 500 MHz Dimensions: 1.39" L x 0.82" Dia.