1. OXO Good Grips Toilet Brush Replacement Head

OXO Good Grips Toilet Brush Replacement Head

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Product DescriptionExtend the life of your OXO GOOD GRIPS Toilet Brush with this handy Replacement Head. Simply turn the old head counterclockwise to remove it, then attach the new one. OXO's Toilet Brush has a patented, flexible neck that makes it easy to clean deep into your toilet. The bullet-shaped bristle configuration accommodates even low-flush toilets, and the stiff upper bristles are perfect for cleaning under the rim. An egg-shaped handle with an oval cross-section prevents the Toilet Brush from spinning in your hand. Store this tool in its clamshell canister which closes to conceal the brush when the brush is placed inside.Amazon.comThere's no point in throwing away a perfectly good toilet brush--especially a quality one from OXO--just because the bristles are worn out. This replacement head screws securely onto the OXO brush handle after the old head is removed. Bullet-shaped to reach into even low-flow toilets, the 4-by-4-inch head features two kinds of bristles: softer ones for cleaning the bowl and stiff upper bristles for heavy-duty scrubbing under the rim. OXO backs all its products with a satisfaction warranty, and will replace or refund any returned item.--Ann Bieri