1. Outsidepride Chicory Wildflower Seed - 5000 Seeds

Outsidepride Chicory Wildflower Seed - 5000 Seeds

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Item Package Quantity:1 | Size:A) 5000 Seeds Chicory is a perennial wild flower seed that grows best in well-drained or moderately drained soils. It prefers medium to higher fertility levels and a pH of 5.5 or greater. Chicory produces leafy growth that is higher in nutritive and mineral content than is produced by alfalfa or cool season grasses. It is drought tolerant due to its taproot which go down deep to provide ample water. Chicory provides both spring and summer forage with average growth rates from April through October of 50 pounds per acre per day. Chicory is a relatively new forage crop in the United States but has been used in other countries for more than 300 years. With warm temperatures in the spring it produces large numbers of leaves from the crown. In late spring, often during the second year of establishment, a few flower stems begin to develop from the crown and will reach heights of 6 feet. Even though chicory has a thick taproot, it can be exposed and damaged by overgrazing, excessive hoof traffic, and frost heaving.