1. P-REP Starter Complete Wooden Fingerboard 30mm - Dohnuts

P-REP Starter Complete Wooden Fingerboard 30mm - Dohnuts

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P-REP is the choice supreme for your first fingerboard. Assembling the P-Rep 30mm Starter complete yourself is a great way to get into fingerboarding. The included instructions make that assembly easy. We also have easy to follow videos showing assembly. This Starter complete come with the following: 30mm P-Rep "Deep Mold" Deck 29mm Starter Trucks with hard yellow tuning Basic Bearing Wheels 2 pieces pre-cut Foam Grip Tape 1 standard fingerboard tool necessary nuts and screws some stickers Parts can always be added for better performance as skills increase. The deck has deep concave and higher kicks for the air you want when your starting out in fingerboarding. Broken Knuckle Fingerboards created the P-REP line to provide an inexpensive alternative to our high-performance line of fingerboards. We believe everyone should have access to try and have quality wooden fingerboards without having to pay a lot to get started. These completes are well made and are a great introduction to wooden decks and fingerboarding. We strive to provide the best prices for ALL levels of fingerboarding gear. The colors for deck, trucks and wheels are shown in the pictures