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PDP - Rock Candy Wireless Controlle for PS3 - Orange

PDP - Rock Candy Wireless Controlle for PS3 - Orange

Retail Price:$54.84
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Part Number:PL6432O
Product UPC: 708056564391

You have a bold personality and you love to show it off. You're proud of your boisterous sense of style and even your gaming equipment doesn't escape your expressive touch. The standard, ordinary or common aren't enough for you, and you love it when something stands out. When it comes to PlayStation 3 accessories, this Rock Candy Wireless Controller completely suits your needs and matches your preferences.

While you may enjoy standing out, you also know that sacrificing quality for style is not the smartest move. By combining practical features with a vibrant color, this controller delivers the best of both worlds. This Rock Candy Controller features a wireless connection that makes it easy to comfortably play from almost anywhere in the room. You're well-equipped to set off on multiplayer adventures with the addition of this controller to your collection. Discover what flavor gamer you are and express your gaming personality while maintaining the features that elevate your game with this controller.