1. PH Tester PH-98108 Portable Mini Digital Soil PH Meter PH Tester for Plant Acidity Measurement

PH Tester PH-98108 Portable Mini Digital Soil PH Meter PH Tester for Plant Acidity Measurement

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Specification: Condition: 100% Brand New Item Type: Acidity Meter Material: ABS Measuring Range: 0.00-14.00ph Accuracy: ±0.2PH ±0.1PH (At 20°C) Resolution: 0.01ph Working Temperature: 0°C-50°C Automatic Temperature Compensation: 0°C-50°C Electrode: SP300Z Battery: 3 x 1.5V (AG13) (Battery Not Included) Weight: Approx. 165g Size: Approx. 175x51mm Instructions: 1.Connect the electrode and remove the protective cover. 2.The electrode of the pH meter is first washed with distilled water, and the moisture attached to the electrode is blotted dry with filter paper. 3.Touch the ''ON/OFF'' button to turn on the power. 4.Insert the pH meter electrode into the liquid to be measured until the electrode is immersed in the liquid about 4 cm deep. Do not immerse the solution in the electrode connection. 5.After gently stirring the solution to a stable value, read a stable display number. 6.Touch the ''HOLD'' button to keep the current measured value. If you need to re-measure, press the ''HOLD'' button again to release the hold status. 7.After use, press the ''ON/OFF'' button to turn off the power, wash the electrode with distilled water PH Calibration: 1.The pH electrode was immersed in a standard buffer solution of mixed phosphate with pH value of 6.86 (25°C) and shaken gently. 2.Adjust the correcting potentiometer with a small screwdriver until the display value is consistent with the pH value of the standard buffer solution at solution temperature. The electrodes of the pH meter are then cleaned with distilled water and the water attached to and around the electrodes is sucked dry with filter paper. 3.The electrode was inserted into the standard buffer solution of potassium hydrogen phosphate at pH 4.01 or borax at pH 9.18. Package List: 1 x Probe1 x PH Tester Electrode1 x Screwdriver1 x Instruction Manual