1. POTEY 700702 Woven Cotton Rope Plant Basket for 10" Flower Pot Floor Indoor Planters, 11” x 11” Storage Basket Organizer Modern Home Decor, White Black Grey Stripes

POTEY 700702 Woven Cotton Rope Plant Basket for 10" Flower Pot Floor Indoor Planters, 11” x 11” Storage Basket Organizer Modern Home Decor, White Black Grey Stripes

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POTEY Woven Rope Plant Basket Clutter in the home cannot be avoided especially if you have a house full of kids. When there aren’t enough shelves or drawers around, finding a place to store extra items can be difficult. Here is when cotton rope baskets come in handy. They not only organize different items but also efficiently carry volume and weight. Because there are many cotton rope baskets out there, it’s not easy to find one that’s durable enough for long-term use. We did some research to find the best baskets made of cotton rope so you can enjoy premium storage that can last years even with frequent use. While you may think a basket is just another attractive alternative to a ceramic or terracotta planter, there’s a surprise benefit. A woven basket is super-lightweight, and one with handles can make it easy to move around a room with the seasons or for watering. The natural texture is a softer take on the traditional glazed ceramic planter, lending a modern look to the room. Plus, clay planters can get expensive really quickly, especially as you get into the larger sizes. Using a basket as a planter can be an economical way to add a stylish decor element. TIPS FOR USING BASKETS The best way to clean spots is with cool water, a toothbrush and baking soda. Apply diluted soap mixture to cotton with a clean toothbrush or rag. Scrub clean and rinse well.stuff the basket with as many pillows or blankets, it will turn back to its elegant shape quickly.use a hand steamer to loosen the creases, while stretching out the basket with your hand. Plant Basket Product Notice The woven plant basket comes in three sizes and eight different colors,designs to work seamlessly in any space. You'll even find a couple with a hand-knit netting that adds a homey feel. Handcrafted meticulously with natural, sustainable cotton and sewn in a coiling method to make the flexible textile stiff enough to hold its shape. 100% Cotton Woven Thread Rope All our baskets are 100% handmade, a renewable plant grown all over the world. These are safe to use around children and pets. Neutral Cotton Rope Material Practical and Decorative Convenient Handles Multi-purpose in Different Scenes Stylish, Chic Gift Idea Unique Design Not only use it as a basic planter cover but also use it for various purposes. Whether you use it around the house to de-cluttering or take it out on trips, ideal for your indoor plants, storage basket for kid toys, storing dirty laundry or carry them for your weekend visits to brunch and your next beach gateway. Widely used it in the living room, bedroom, restroom, nursery, laundry room or anywhere else you can think of. In addition, Fit it up with goodies to make an ideal housewarming gift, hamper, or baby shower bundle. Perfectly versatile and stylish at the same time. NOTE Pot and plant are not included.Due to the nature of handmade items, each plant hanger is individual and there may be slight variations from one to another. Please allow 1.5"-2" differs due to manual measurements. Multiuse For Different Scenes Great for Storage Declutter and organize your home with this handwoven basket. It? is styled with? a high-quality? cotton rope that is thicker and stronger than most of its competitors. It features reinforced stitching around the handles and a flexible material that’s softer than plastic, seagrass, or wicker. There are no hard or sharp edges, making this basket safe for children. Multipurpose Basket If your kids’ toys are making you a basket, there’s a toy storage basket to be made for this basket. Made of natural cotton rope, it’s sturdy and has two carrying handles, so it’s easy to take wherever playing is going to happen. Great for storing on dressers, in closets, or just on the floor. Product Feature The Woven rope basket has an arc to make it stand up on its own and hold its shape. Meanwhile, it’s also easy to fold up and store for times it’s not in use. It’s an easy, inexpensive storage solution that looks cute in any room. Perfect for plants From flowers to tree saplings to healthful herbs. These will make your home or business greener, move to invite, and filled with natural life. Get these and use them for your favorite plants. It's an easy way to energize and decorate any space. POTEY - GROW WITH STYLE Create a pretty home for your plants to live in and add heaps of character to your house with the selection of pots and planters. We only focus on manufacturing plant basket, planter, plant hanger, and plant stand, from the design of the product to quality control, we do our best to provide the best products to our customer. Welcome to POTEY store! Choose POTEY product, to be unique! POTEY 700601 POTEY 700501 POTEY 710102 POTEY 055102 POTEY 052301 POTEY 610301 Size 7.5" D x 8" H 11" D x 11" H 9.84" D x 11.02" H 6.1" D x 5.3" H 6.1" D x 6.4" H & 5" D x 5.3" H 34.5" Length Material Cotton Rope Jute Rope Seagrass ceramics ceramics Vegan Leather Color White Grey Str