1. POTEY Cement Planter Flower Pot - 4.8 Inches Vintage Indoor Plants Containers Unglazed Medium Bonsai Concrete with Drain Hole - Bronze, Geometry Embossment

POTEY Cement Planter Flower Pot - 4.8 Inches Vintage Indoor Plants Containers Unglazed Medium Bonsai Concrete with Drain Hole - Bronze, Geometry Embossment

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Container gardening allows you to plant a variety of flowers, herbs, vegetables, trees, shrubs or ferns with limited space or adds mobility to plants in a larger garden. Nearly anything can be used as a planter, and each type of container has its own benefits and drawbacks. For larger plants and trees that you're not planning to move, concrete pots could be a good option. Super durable, concrete planters can last a very long time. They offer thick walls providing less fluctuation in soil temperatures than other types of planters. Tips Plants and tray not included, you water sparingly and slowly, so the water gets evenly distributed through the soil without pooling at the bottom.Since concrete is porous, the soil inside tends to dry out more quickly than it does in non-porous containers. Either seal the inner surface of the container with a waterproof concrete sealant or water your plants more frequently to prevent wilting. PLANTS AND YOU WILL LOVE THIS PLANTER Plants are inexpensive way to jazz up even the most boring rooms. Plants are an easy and gorgeous way to style up your living space. Adorn your windowsills with succulents, drape vibrant macramé hangers from curtain rails or try something big and bold like the gorgeous fiddle leaf fig. You can also have fun with the pots, and display your plants in beautiful ceramic and copper containers. Durability Concrete is a strong and durable material, and unlike wood or plastic containers that will rot or become brittle over time, concrete will last year after year. Since concrete is heavy, concrete planters are less likely to blow over in the wind or get knocked down by children, pets or lawnmowers. Insulation The thickness of concrete containers combined with their lighter color will help protect the soil from temperature fluctuations. Darker-colored pots tend to draw in heat and cause the soil to dry out, particularly in hot, sunny climates. Planter A stylish and functional pot ideal for plants such as African Violets, Asparagus Fern, Boston Fern, Christmas Cactus, Chrysanthemum, Grape Ivy, Swedish Ivy, Peace Lily, Philodendron, Poinsettia, and virtually every other house plant. Studies have shown indoor plants Boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativityReduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and coldsClean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygenAdd life to a sterile office, give privacy and reduce noise levelsAre therapeutic and cheaper than a therapist Embossment Flower Embossment Geometric Embossment Leaves Embossment Leaves Terracotta Cement Planter Leaf Cement Planter Flower Embossment Antique Cement Planter Terracotta Cement Planter Geometry Embossment Antique 4.13 Inches Cement Planter Gray 2PCS 4.1 Inches Cement Planter Terracotta 2PCS Material Cement Cement Cement Cement Cement Cement Drainage Hole ? ? ? ? ? Saucer Inside caliber diameter 4.7 Inches 4.7 Inches 4 Inches 4.7 Inches 4.13 Inches 4.1 Inches Floor Plant Pot Indoor Ceramic Succulent Planter Marble Planter Golbe Marble Planter Cylinder 2PCS Metal Planter Cylinder 2PCS Terracotta Tiny Planter 24PCS Material Fiberglass + Wooden Ceramic + Metal Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Terracotta Drainage Hole ? ? ? ? ? ? Saucer ? ? ? ? Inside caliber diameter 11 Inches 3 Inches 5 Inches 3.8 Inches + 5.1 Inches 3.8 Inches + 5.1 Inches 2.2 Inches