1. PiscatorZone Pin Pointer Waterproof Metal Detector Portable Handheld GP-Pointer Treasure Finder with Waterproof Case

PiscatorZone Pin Pointer Waterproof Metal Detector Portable Handheld GP-Pointer Treasure Finder with Waterproof Case

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PiscatorZone Pin Pointer Waterproof Metal Detector With 360° Detective Range and high sensitivity detection. Good tool for researching treasure. High sensitivity when work indoors and outdoors. Great performance on sand,lawn,in soil,in water. Easily locate coin,jewelry and gold with speed and accuracy. Why you do need our Metal detector? One-touch ease of use that enhances precision and reduces time spent hunting. It has audible and vibrating alarms which increase in magnitude and intensity as you approach the target. There are LED lights for improving visibility in low light scenarios. This pinpointer is able to help you search walls and tight spaces. Portable Metal Detector Structure Built-in Speaker for Audible Sound Alerts, when move to research target, it will make sounds to inform you. Water resistance position is below the light and switches. Batteries, light, switches parts can not be soaked in water.Low power alert,three sensitivity levels with different LED indicators light, audio and vibrate alert.The Middle Yellow LED lantern will light up and then you need to change a new battery. 360° Pinpoint detection and Simple way to use Metal detector has high sensitivity, 360°side-scan can quickly cover large areas, and the pinpointing tip could precisely locate the target rapidly and accurately.Simple operation and lightweight, one-hand hold and you do not need to adjust, just press the button after putting the 9V battery in. Waterproof metal detector kit The metal detector kits pack with waterproof case, the advantage is that it can be used underwater and narrow place. Please conduct a waterproof test whether the waterproof bag is well before putting it on the metal detector, and confirm the waterproof case put on well when you use it.Portable and convenient, it is mini and it comes with a string rope, so it is easy to hold and hang on the belt. For Wall scanning The metal detector is perfect to detect the metal, wood and copper conductors hidden in the wall (including the floor and ceiling).It is a perfect tool used for interior decoration of homes, hotels, factories, and schools. This will be a good gift between you and your child! Family fun with this metal detector Lightweight, simple to use and with the protected waterproof case, the device is ideal for multiple occasions. You can conveniently carry it anywhere on your belt with its included holder. For Child to Inspire Their Curiosity Many kids love treasure hunting games, a excellent metal detector is the best gift to show your love for them.Our pinpointer metal detectors will satisfy kids curiosity. Easy to find treasure The Detection distance is 0-5 cm. This is the 2019 latest partially waterproof metal detector, it has a very high sensitivity and high detection range.It can work indoors, outdoors, sand, lawn or soil and can quickly and accurately locate coins, silver, jewellery and gold. Sensitivity level with three different LED indicators for audible and vibratory alarms. Great Gift for Child Children have high curiosity around the world, this metal detector will help them to start their adventure trip in the backyard or on the beach, and they will have a wonderful day.