1. Pivotal Therapy, Occipivot

Pivotal Therapy, Occipivot

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Product Description For over 20 years, the Pivotal Therapy system has been used by physical Therapists, massage Therapists, and chiropractors to treat soft tissue issues related to the spine. By nature, it takes time to slowly re-posture the spine and its soft tissues. Based on the progressive increments of time and gravity, this system strengthens muscles which helps maintain healthy Spinal alignment. Each component of the Pivotal Therapy system may be used individually to address a patient's specific problem or the whole system can be used to treat the entire spine. Also available: ask how to download the Pivotal Therapy system instruction guide (147 KB PDF) occipivot used individually, the occipivot, which concentrates on the occiput (back of the head), can be used to treat tension and stress syndromes which include headaches, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), cervical Syndrome, and tension at the base of the Skull. Cervical pivot the cervical pivot is useful as a substitute for gentle cervical traction and can also be used as a self-mobilization and strengthening tool. It promotes self-release for the sternocleidomastoid (the Muscle that runs down the side of the neck), upper trapezius (the shoulder blade area), and 1st ribs. Short & standard thoracic pivot the short thoracic pivot can be used for craniosacral self-treatment (cSt), which involves the Therapist working the key muscles of the spine and Skull. It can also be used as a sacral wedge for mobilization, as a rib release tool, and for Sternal and anterior rib mobilization. Standard lumbar pivot the standard lumbar pivot corrects lordosis, the inward curvature of the spine. It can also be used as a platform for treating pain in the lower back, buttocks, and legs, which are the main symptoms of lumbar dysfunction. Manufacturer Contact Information Not Applicable