1. Pop Pop Hair Surprise 3-In-1 POP Pets with Long, Brushable Hair (multicolor)

Pop Pop Hair Surprise 3-In-1 POP Pets with Long, Brushable Hair (multicolor)

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Let down your hair and pop into the fabulous world of Pop Pop Hair Surprise! Show off your flair for hair and create style that's Poppin?! you won't be-weave all the hair surprises in store with electric colors and bold personality. Comb and see what the frizz is all about, Cuz every day is a fab hair day.pop pop hair surprise is the 3-in-1 surprise ready to pop with brushable and fun-to-style hair. There's hair hair everywhere and 3 characters in 1 - a pop brush, a pop roller, and a pop hair pet. Each pop brush really brushes hair, and the handle twists off to become a spray bottle. Unbox in a totally unique way - by using the spray bottle to spray the pop pod until... It pops to reveal the pop roller! Unwrap and pop open the roller to reveal a pop hair pet, an adorable collectible character with extra-long brushable, washable, wearable hair in so many stunning colors and types, like curly, two-tone, and ombre. Will you get Pig Missy, the cute Kitty with pink hair or doggie Bowie, the rocking? pup with rainbow hair? Brush and style the pop hair pet's hair with 2 included hair clips & 4 Mini bands to create endless looks. You can even use the included elastic band to add pop hair pets into your own hair. There are so many ways to play, including using your pop hair pet as a pencil topper! Collect 25+ pop Pets in 4 fabulous themes: girly Qs, disco 'dos, pretty in punks, and bed heads. Look for the ultra-rare twins, hairy Kate & brushes, and the ultra-rare pop roller, Cali clipper! Get a pop of fabulous hair and a pop of surprise with Pop Pop Hair Surprise.