1. PowerLung Trainer PLT-K100, Sage Green

PowerLung Trainer PLT-K100, Sage Green

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Product Description Breathing training for fitness and sports training. the training modle is for the person who trains regularly. Amazon.com Simple exercises that take as little as five minutes, twice a day can expand and strengthen your lungs. With the PowerLung Active Series Trainer, you can increase your lung capacity and improve oxygen intake, helping boost endurance and reduce recovery time. Simple exercises taking only five minutes, twice a day can greatly improve athletic performance and minimize breathlessness, and the device is also valuable for use during warm-up and cool-down periods. This model offers the highest level of resistance in the PowerLung product line, and it's designed for athletes in excellent physical condition, looking to boost their training and exercise regimen, as well as advanced or professional performing artists, singers, and musicians. Recommended for users age 13 and up. How PowerLung Works There are muscles that support your breathing, and, just like any other muscle in your body, the best way to make them stronger and more efficient is to work them with resistance. In this case, lifting and lowering a weight with the strength of your breathing. As your lungs become stronger and it's easier to exercise with the PowerLung, you can increase the threshold and build strength over time. About PowerLung PowerLung, Inc. is based in Houston, Texas, and was formed in 1999 to develop and market progressive, threshold resistance training products for the respiratory muscles. Since its initial offering of the PowerLung Sport, the company has regularly added new products to its line, with each new product is designed to meet the needs of a specific user community.