1. Practicon 7102411 L E-Prop Mouth Props, Large

Practicon 7102411 L E-Prop Mouth Props, Large

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Product Description Like a third hand, innovative E-Prop Mouth Props maintain an open field while holding a standard saliva ejector in the perfect position. Simply slide a saliva ejector into the prop before connecting to a valve. Or used without a saliva ejector, its unique C-shape aids side access and visibility. Invented by a hygienist, E-Prop is ideal for use in lengthy procedures such as scaling and root planning. Rigid polypropylene construction with soft elastomer pads allows for comfortable, secure bite-in. Latex-free E-Prop is fully autoclavable. Available in three color-coded sizes: small (purple), medium (yellow) and large (red). Saliva ejectors not included. Manufacturer Contact Information 8009599505