1. Pratico Outdoors 8 inch Plastic Plant Saucer Drip Trays, Clear, 5 Pack

Pratico Outdoors 8 inch Plastic Plant Saucer Drip Trays, Clear, 5 Pack

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A Must Have Accessory For Your Plant Pots Owning a couple of plant pots indoors can be a hassle especially with worries of damaging surfaces with scratches, water spills, and dirt coming off. The Pratico Outdoors 8-inch Clear Plastic Plant Saucer Drip Trays are great accessories for your plant pots. SUPERIOR QUALITY - Made from strong clear plastic material. The sturdy and thick design of these plant saucer drip trays can definitely hold the plant pots very well. Great for the greenhouse or indoors. They will last for many years.REUSABLE - They are durable and you can reuse them for the next batch of plant pots or for DIY projects.THICKER - Compared to other plant saucers, our plastic plant saucer is thicker so you can place any type of pot without worries.PROTECT SURFACES - With plant trays, you can protect surfaces inside your house from leaks, spills, and dirt.LEAK PROOF - These plant drip trays are made from high-quality plastic material so they're leak and spill-proof. Grab the Pratico Outdoors 8-inch Clear Plastic Plant Saucer Drip Trays now! 8-Inch Plant Saucer Drip Trays Each pack contains 5 clear plastic pot saucers measuring 8 inches (20.3 cm) in diameter. Ideal for smaller pots. Dimensions: top width - 8 inches; bottom width - 6.25 inches; height - 1.25 inches. Sturdy & Flexible Plant Trays Made from high quality plastic material, guaranteed to last a long time. Sturdy and shock resistant so you can move your plant pots easily. Waterproof and will not leak or spill excess water. Washable and can be reused multiple times. Great for Indoor & Outdoor Use A heavy duty plastic plant drip tray is the best companion for your potted plants inside the house or out in the garden or greenhouse. Never worry about spilled soil staining your household surfaces or excess water damaging your plants again. Healthier Plant Growth With the Pratico Outdoors Clear Plastic Plant Saucers, your potted plants can grow faster and healthier. It is designed to provide your favorite house plants and flowers an excellent drain tray so you won't have to worry about over or under-watering them. The base allows for proper air movement and ventilation. It also allows water to drain thoroughly. Goes great with the Pratico Outdoors Seed Starter Trays, Net Pots, Plant Labels, and more. Get these garden must-haves now! Care Tips Remove any build up on your plant saucers by cleaning them between uses. Use mild detergent and water, and gently scrub the plant saucers. Wipe with a dry cloth or air dry. Easy to Maintain Always make sure to remove the saucer and drain the water. Standing water can promote excess soil moisture and may damage plant roots.Also drain your plant saucer when using them outdoors to prevent standing water. 10-inch Clear Plastic Plant Saucer - 5 Pack 12-Cell Seedling Starter Tray Plant Grow Kit with Dome, Base & Plant Labels 12-inch Clear Plastic Plant Saucer - 300# - 5 Pack Pratico Outdoors Plastic Plant Labels - White - 25 Pack Assorted Sizes (8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch) Clear Plastic Plant Saucer - 15 Pack Assorted Sizes (3 Gallon, 5 Gallon & 7 Gallon) Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles High quality ? ? ? ? ? ? Time saving ? ? ? ? ? ? Safe material ? ? ? ? ? ? Value for money ? ? ? ? ? ? Perfect for any medium ? ? ? ? ? ?