1. Pratico Outdoors Plastic Garden and Plant Labels, White, 50 Pack

Pratico Outdoors Plastic Garden and Plant Labels, White, 50 Pack

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Keep Your Garden on Track with These Plastic Plant Labels Organize your greenhouse and label your plants in a cool, fun way with the Pratico Outdoors Plastic Plant Labels. Try a different look on your garden with these unique, cute, and convenient-to-use white plastic plant labels. Suitable for your seed and plant labeling needs. A cool gift to your family or friends who own a garden. IDEAL FOR SEED MARKINGS - Never lose sight of your green babies again by using these plant tags designed for easy writing and marking what seeds are planted on the pots.STURDY GARDEN TAGS - Made from durable plastic material and are waterproof so you can conveniently use and reuse them for a long time.MULTIPLE PIECES PER PACK - You won't have to complain about the lack of plant labels or not keeping track of your seeds and sprouts anymore. Now you can get as many plant tags as you want in one pack.VERSATILE - These garden labels are durable and reusable. You can use them in two ways: stick into soil or tie to a branch.PERFECT AS GIFTS - If you have a family member or a friend with a green thumb, plant labels are perfect gifts to give them. They will surely appreciate it. Looking for sturdy garden tags? Grab the Pratico Outdoors Plastic Plant Labels now! Pack of 25 and 50 We know you will need extra plant markers for your gardening activities. So we packed them in 25 and 50 pieces so you could label as many seedlings and sprouts as you want. Each plant marker measures 3.94 in (10 cm) x 2.36 in (6 cm). Durable and Long Lasting Made from sturdy plastic material so they can be used and reused for a long period of time. Durable and waterproof, unlike paper-based label that soils and tears, or metal tag that rusts. Comes in white with a cute, smiley face design to brighten up your garden and to make your plant tags easily visible. Two Ways to Use These versatile garden labels can be used in two ways: 1) Stick into soil - conventional way of labeling your plants; sturdy, pointed tips will make sticking these plant markers into soil easier 2) Tie to a branch - with easy twist and lock feature to easily tie these plant tags into branches Organize Your Garden With these garden markers, you will have a more organized greenhouse or garden. Put a label for each type of plant in your garden. Know which seeds are planted on each pot or tray by marking them using these plastic plant markers. These garden markers go great with the Grow Cubes 1-Inch Plant Starter Plugs and the Rockwool 1-Inch Round Starter Plug (each sold separately). Keep all your seeds and cuttings arranged in one sheet instead of using multiple separate plugs or pots, so you can have a more orderly plant propagation and seed starting. Get these garden must-haves now! Care Instruction To clean, use water, mild soap and brush. To remove writings on your plant tags, you may simply scrub the markings off using a fine wire wool. To remove more stubborn markings, you may use Methyl Hydrate, mineral spirits or WD-40 spray. Just pour or spray a small amount on your plant tag then scrub off using a cotton or sponge. Easy to Write On These plastic plant tags work well with any types of markers -- water-based markers or oil-based markers. Reusable so you can write and rewrite on it multiple times. There are 2 ways to use these plant markers: stick into soil or tie around a branch. Rockwool Grow Cubes 1-Inch Starter Plug - 50 Cubes Rockwool Grow Cubes 1-Inch Starter Plug - 100 Cubes Rockwool Grow Cubes 1-Inch Starter Plug - 200 Cubes Rockwool Grow Cubes 1.5-Inch Starter Plug - 98 Cubes Seed Starter & Plant Propagation Tray with Drain Holes 10" x 20" Seed Starter & Plant Propagation Tray No Holes 10" x 20" High quality ? ? ? ? ? ? Time saving ? ? ? ? ? ? Non toxic material ? ? ? ? ? ? Value for money ? ? ? ? ? ? Perfect for any medium ? ? ? ? ? ?