1. Preserve Recycled (Made in the USA) Kids Toothbrushes, Soft Bristles, 6-Count, Assorted Colors

Preserve Recycled (Made in the USA) Kids Toothbrushes, Soft Bristles, 6-Count, Assorted Colors

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Product DescriptionPreserve consulted closely with dental professionals to create a toothbrush that helps children develop helthy brushing habits while minimizing the impact on the environment. The handle design was inspired by pea pods, and the raised shapes help ensure a non-slip grip for small handles. A three-level bristle arrangement helps massage gums while brushing. And while the bristles are brand new, the handle is made from recycled, BPA free, #5 plastic. Preserve Toothbrushes and all Preserve products are BPA free and proudly made in the USA. Each Preserve Toothbrush is recyclable through Preserve's toothbrush Take Back program. Preserve products are cruelty-free and are never tested on animals. Period. Preserve is proud to be a certified B Corp Company, and recognized as a company that is guided by a set of socially and environmentally-focused principles.,From the ManufacturerParents and caregivers know the importance of teaching good oral healthcare habits to toddlers and children. Preserve helps kids learn by offering a toothbrush similar to their popular and beloved adult toothbrush in a size and shape designed especially for kids. Like the adult Preserve toothbrushes, this toothbrush is made in the USA with a handle made from 100% recycled plastic (bristles are new nylon). This BPA free kids toothbrush is features a pea pod shaped handle shape specially designed for little hands. This set of six soft nylon bristled toothbrushes is available in assorted colors. Each toothbrush is designed to connect children with an endangered species. The toothbrush packaging features a fun fact about one of three endangered animals like the golden lion tamarin, the parrot fish, or the quetzal bird. Kids will love the bright colors and the pea pod grips, and learning fun facts about endangered animals. The shape and size of Preserve?s toothbrushes makes them perfect for toddlers and children ages 1-6 years old. At Preserve, we believe strongly in making our products as safe and healthy as possible for you and your family. If we don?t feel comfortable giving a product to our families, we won?t sell it to yours. Our mission of environmental conservation and preservation drives our company and we are committed to meeting the highest safety standards for all of our products. A portion of the sale of each Preserve Kids toothbrush goes to the National Wildlife Federation. Preserve is a certified B Corporation, a new kind of business that?s guided by a set of socially- and environmentally-focused principles that differentiate it from familiar non-profit and traditional corporate models.