1. Puressentiel 75 ml Muscles and Joints Roller

Puressentiel 75 ml Muscles and Joints Roller

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The 14 oils of the Joints Roller have anti-inflammatory, analgesics, anti-stiffnesses and anti-swelling properties. They are alleviating and relaxing. They help to release the articular and muscular tensions, to relieve the feeling of pain and stiffness and allow to find the original flexibility of movements, naturally.Very effective, they act by epidermic penetration, their credits released on the zone to treat act effectively and quickly. Backache, paiful nape of the neck, shoulders, or elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, feet... Just do not hesitate to use it over all these sensitive zones. The ball of the roller allow to proportion the intensity of the massage, you can thus press herd or less herd, according to the area to relieve.Very practical of use, it allows of a ultra fast gesture, any time of the day, to alleviate the feeling of pain without need to dirty the hands. Keep always within reach.If the occasion allows it, you can also apply a greater quantity of product and massage the painful area. Results, you feel more flexible, more relaxed, your movements are facilitated, the pain decreases, your body relaxes, you feel less stiff or 'rusted'. 100% Natural. Dye-free. Preservative-free. Free from synthesis fragrance. Without mineral oils. Non tested on the animals.