1. RMP Garden Bed Corner Bracket - Set of Four - 20-24 Inch Bed

RMP Garden Bed Corner Bracket - Set of Four - 20-24 Inch Bed

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This economical set of four 17.25” garden corner brackets will make your flower or vegetable garden sturdy, neat, and tidy. They are designed to fit a garden made of four 2 x 10” boards or four 2 x 12” boards. This is more than tall enough to give your plants plenty of room to thrive! Our brackets are also extremely durable and will last through many seasons. Rust resistant screws included, 8 per bracket. Building A RMP Raised Garden/Flowerbed List of items needed: 4 – RMP Raised Garden brackets (wood screws are included) 4 - 2x10’s or 2x12’s (purchase and cut to length at your local lumber store) A quality impact driver with a Philips bit will make easy work of this project A pick and/or shovel and a rake for leveling your site A level, a square, a ruler or tape measure and a pencil Level the site: 1. Pick a spot 2. Level the area as best you can. Build the bottom row: 3. Find the middle of your RMP Raised Garden bracket and make a pencil mark on the outside edge 4. Place your bracket over the end of your 2x10 or 2x12 and slide the bracket to your pencil mark 5. Using the wood screws provided attach the bracket to your first board. If all four sides of your garden are not the same length, attach all four brackets to ends of your two longest boards first. 6. With all four brackets attached to the two longest boards, you can begin to attach the two shorter sides of your bottom row. 7. After you have your bottom row of your raised bed completed, move it into place and to make sure it is level. Build the second row: 8. Repeat the process for the second row Optional: 9. Add some galvanized chicken wire to the bottom of your garden to prevent moles from burrowing 10. Add a weed barrier to the bottom of your garden. 11. Add a heavy mil plastic to the inside of your garden walls to prevent any chemicals that may be in treated lumber from leaching into your garden.