1. Radish Sprouting Seeds | Non GMO | Grown in USA | (1 Pound)

Radish Sprouting Seeds | Non GMO | Grown in USA | (1 Pound)

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Size:1 POUND Good Morning, Sprouts! This could be waiting in your kitchen everyday! Our certified organic radish seeds are one of the healthiest foods you can grow yourself and take less than 2 minutes a day to maintain. They sprout well with other seeds and make a spicy addition to any vegetable dish. RADISH PROFILE Soak: 8-12 Hours Difficulty: Easy Days to Maturity: 5 - 6 Days Suitable Sprout Method: Tray, Sack, or Jar Flavor: Crisp, slightly hot and tangy like tiny radishes Popular Uses: Adds a spicy flare to any dish There’s no feeling like growing your own food and then getting to sit down and eat it. This is why we get such a rush when we walk into our kitchens to check on our sprouting jars and see those very first signs of growth. Here are 10 unique ways to incorporate sprouts into your cooking: Sandwiches Salads Wraps and Rolls Stir-Fires + Sautes Toasts Soups Smoothies Dips + Spreads Baking Veggie Burgers Sprouts are a powerhouse food. They aid the body in digestion, increase fiber content and protein availability, and they’re excellent for skin and hair. What better way to ensure their strength than by growing them in your very own kitchen?