1. SP Ableware Leg Assist Mobility Device (704200000)

SP Ableware Leg Assist Mobility Device (704200000)

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The Maddak Leg Assist Mobility Device makes it easier for caregivers to reposition and transfer people recovering from total hip for knee surgery when it is necessary for the legs to be kept stable and moved in unison. Positions legs and hips in-line to eliminate the risk of further injury. Soft, comfortable fabric has a built-up grip that can be adjusted to accommodate the user's preference. Machine washable. Step 1: Grab Leg Assist between ankles and lift up Step 2: Reposition legs keeping them in-line with the hips Maddak specializes in home healthcare and rehabilitation products for the senior, disability and rehab markets. We have been recognized as the largest manufacturer in the United States of Aids for Daily Living (ADL). Maddak continues to design and manufacture products that increase mobility, maximize independence and enable people to live more rewarding, dignified and enriched lives.