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Safeguard Activator RX-8 Infrasonic Home Security Scanner (Infrasonic Sensor) (Retail Packaging)

Safeguard Activator RX-8 Infrasonic Home Security Scanner (Infrasonic Sensor) (Retail Packaging)

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Activator RX-8 Infrasonic Home Security Scanner

Deter intruders from entering your home with this Home Security Scanner from Activator. Appearances can sometimes mean everything, and this handy device can help discourage unwanted attention. This unit works using infrasonic wave technology. It "listens" to subsonic sounds that the human ear can't even detect made by changes in the "skin" of your home???like opening doors or windows. When a disturbance is detected, your RX8 switches on lights or sound equipment to make would-be intruders think somebody's home.

It operates before an intruder even crosses the threshold of your home. It's a simple plug-in device that can be set up in a minute or less, so there's no installation costs or major disruptions to your routine. You only need 1 unit for a 5 bedroom home, so there are no monitors required in each room. Your RX8 is a passive listening device that does not emit any sound waves. It cannot harm pets or animals, and they won't trigger the device when moving around your house.

The scanner is not pressure sensitive, so you can leave your windows open or shut as needed. Plus, it can switch up to 500 watts of power to act as a safety device that turns on lights for your older or younger friends and family when they enter an unlit area

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