1. Seed Needs, Lemon Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) Twin Pack of 90 Seeds Each

Seed Needs, Lemon Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) Twin Pack of 90 Seeds Each

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Twin Pack of 90 Seeds Each (180 Seeds Total) Grow a garden filled with the Lemon Cucumber, from freshly harvested Cucumis sativus seeds. Lemon Cucumber will differ from the traditional green cucumbers in the sense that they will produce 3 inch, round fruits. These heirlooms have a hard outer skin that is bright yellow, accented with small, dark green spots. Lemon Cucumber is perfect for slicing, to enjoy raw or as an addition in fresh garden salads. They are both tasty and refreshing with their crisp, mild flavor. Lemon Cucumber is a prolific variety that performs well in hot climates. The vines grow quickly, taking up roughly 2 feet of land. You might consider providing your cucumber plants a trellis or other support to grow these vines vertically. The vining plants grow to a mature height of roughly 1 foot tall, if grown without supports and will produce round fruits on the ground. The Lemon Cucumber are ready for harvesting in about 65 days. Cucumbers taste great in salads, and most varieties are pickled as well. There are several health benefits that you may be interested in learning about, when it comes to consuming cucumbers. Some of these benefits include, reduced risk of cancer, reduced inflammation, fresher breath and benefits in weight loss. Sowing the Seed - Cucumbers, like most vegetables, can be started indoors, or directly outdoors as well. If started indoors, sow in peat pots, 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last frost. Sow 1 seed per peat pot, at a depth of 1/2" under topsoil. Provide a small stake for newly established plants. Transplant entire pots, or direct sow outdoors when the weather is warm and all danger of frost has passed. Check "Germination & Growth" for additional information on growth habits and spacing.Growing Conditions - Cucumbers will enjoy the heat of summer, and require temperatures of at least 65F or higher. The soil should be fertile, rich in organic matter and well draining as well. To increase drainage, we recommend adding a light compost to areas containing hard, compact soil. Water the soil daily so that the plants receive an ample amount of moisture, but be careful not to overwater as this can cause your plants to become waterlogged.Germination & Growth - Cucumber seeds typically take anywhere between 7 to 10 days to successfully germinate. The plants will grow to a vining length of roughly 2 feet long, but can be better maintained when grown vertically, through the use of a trellis or other support. The plants can be established on hills, versus rows, sowing 4 seeds per hill, directing the vines away from one another. Space each hill about 4 feet apart. Cucumbers are a delicious additive to many fresh, garden salads and are often times enjoyed raw as well. Beautiful Packet Designs Each seed packet comes with a beautifully illustrated image of the variety to be grown.Details on the front include which variety is grown, as well as the scientific name and estimated seed count.Detailed information about the specific crop is found on the front right.Packets measure 3.25 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall.Save your seeds for the next season! Many people don't know that seeds actually don't expire for years if they are kept in optimal conditions. Place unused seed packets in a ziplock bag, press the air out and keep them in a cool, dry and dark location for next year! Detailed Sowing Information Easy to follow seed sowing directions are presented on the reverse side of each seed packet.QR codes are displayed on each seed packet for easy reordering, or for additional information on the variety purchased.Each seed packet has a latex glue that allows you to self seal and save unused seeds. Lemon Cucumbers are not your traditional green skinned veggies, they are spotted with bright and pale yellow dots and stripes. Boasts a crisp and refreshing flavor. Cucamelon Lemon Cucumber Purple Cauliflower Romanesco Broccoli Orangeglo watermelon Crop Cucamelon Cucumber Cauliflower Broccoli Watermelon Harvest 60 to 70 Days 65 Days 90 Days 100 Days 90 Days Plant Type Vining Vegetable Vining Vegetable Vegetable Broccoli Watermelon Light Preference Full Sunlight Full Sunlight Full Sunlight Full Sunlight Full Sunlight Plant Height 6'+ Vining Length 24" Vining Length 24" Tall 24 to 36" Tall 8' to 10' Vining Fruit Size 1 to 2 Inch 3" Diameter 2 to 3 lbs 6" to 7" Diameter 20 to 30 lbs Easy To Grow? ? ? ? ? ? Heirloom ? ? ? ? ? Non-GMO ? ? ? ? ?