1. Seeds Cherry Tomato Black Early Vegetable for Planting Heirloom Non GMO

Seeds Cherry Tomato Black Early Vegetable for Planting Heirloom Non GMO

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America’s favorite vegetable is fairly easy to grow and will produce a bumper crop with proper care. A rare heirloom variety that fully merits a place in the garden and on the dinner table. Yields plentiful clusters of perfectly round 1" true cherry tomatoes that are deep red with a blackish hue. The flavor is complex, rich, juicy, and sweet.Instructions on how to grow Tomato:If you’re planting seeds, you’ll want to start your seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the average last spring frost date.Select a site with full sun and well-drained soil. For northern regions, it is VERY important that your site receives at least 6 hours of daily sunlight. For southern regions, light afternoon shade will help tomatoes survive and thrive.Two weeks before transplanting seedlings outdoors, dig soil to about 1 foot deep and mix in aged manure or compost.Harden off transplants for a week before planting in the garden. Set transplants outdoors in the shade for a couple of hours the first day. Gradually increase the amount of time your plants are outside each day to include some direct sunlight. Transplant after last spring frost when the soil is warm.Place tomato stakes or cages in the soil at the time of planting. Staking keeps developing tomato fruit off the ground, while caging lets the plant hold itself upright.Plant transplants about 2 feet apart.Pinch off a few of the lower branches on transplants, and plant the root ball deep enough so that the remaining lowest leaves are just above the surface of the soil.If your transplants are leggy you can remedy this by burying up to ? of the plant including the lower sets of leaves. Tomato stems have the ability to grow roots from the buried stems.Water well to reduce shock to the roots.Happy harvest!