1. Set of 2 Plant Pots, 4 Inch & 6 Inch, Ceramic Planter Pots with Drainage Hole (White Glazed), 99-93-WG

Set of 2 Plant Pots, 4 Inch & 6 Inch, Ceramic Planter Pots with Drainage Hole (White Glazed), 99-93-WG

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D'vine Dev Garden and Home Planter Pots Handcrafted Modern Planter Pot Set - 4 Inch & 6 Inch Ceramic planter pot with drainage holes for small garden. The pots set comes with four different color finishing, elegant matte white, white/terracotta, speckled white/tan, matte black/speckled tan. A variety of design planter pots to accent your home. Set of 2 - 4 Inch and 6 Inch Planter PotPot with Drainage Hole & Drainage PlugDrainage Mesh Nets * 2 IncludedPlanter Pot Scratch Pads Included(Plants in Photos Not Included) Any question, please don’t hesitate to send us an email, we will get back to you within hours if not minutes. Indoor & Outdoor Stoneware Pots - Ceramic Planter Pot, this set of planters can be used both indoor and outdoor. Versatile design planters can easily bring a modern style all across your home. Smooth Surface & Glazed Keep it nice and clean. The glazed (speckled or matte) smooth surface can be easily cleaned without leaving stains or scratches. The high-quality ceramic material and glazed color finishing with high temperature firing gives a nice touch on your modern home. Drainage Hole & Plug Accessories - Drainage Hole and Plug. The planter pot comes with pre-drilled drainage hole to allow water drain and keep soil moisture and air flow, with the rubber plug included to be an optional choice if you don't need to drain. Mesh Net & Scratch Pad Drainage Hole Mesh Net and Tabletop Scratch Pad Protector. We also provide mesh nets to cover the drainage hole inside from the pot to keep potting soil from falling off. And the scratch pad can be placed under the pot bottom to prevent wooden tabletop or desktop from scratches. Ceramic Plants Pot Set - 4 Inch & 6 Inch Accent Your Space/Home Easily Elegant Color Finishing Designs Matte White Matte White with Terracotta Matte Black with Speckled Tan Speckled White with Speckled Tan More Design to Come. Feel Free to Share Your Ideas! Premium Ceramics/Stoneware With high-quality ceramic technology, this planter pot set is suitable for various indoor and outdoor scenes. Premium Ceramic Planter Pot Set Pack of 2 - 4 Inch + 6 Inch The planter pot consists of two different color combinations, and the proper ratio can provide a comfortable visual experience. Modern Straight Cylinder Design Each set contains 2 ceramic planter pots with Large and Small sizes, perfectly harmonious and able to meet your various special needs. Ceramic Planter Pot (Matte White) Ceramic Planter Pot (Matte White/Terracotta) Stoneware Ceramic Planter Pot (Matte White) Stoneware Ceramic Planter Pot (Teal Blue) Honeycomb Ceramic Planter Pot (Matte White) Symmetry Line Stoneware Planter Pot (Teal Blue) Material Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Color Matte White Glazed Matte White/Terracotta Matte White Teal Blue Matte White Teal Blue Size 4 inch & 6 inch 4 inch & 6 inch 4 inch & 6 inch 4 inch & 6 inch 4 inch & 6 inch 4 inch & 6 inch Set 2 2 2 2 2 2 Drainage Hole ? ? ? ? ? ? Mesh Net ? ? ? ? ? ? Scratch Pad ? ? ? ? ? ?