1. Set of 3 Mini White Ceramic Wall Mountable Plant Vase, 4 Inch Hanging Succulent Pots

Set of 3 Mini White Ceramic Wall Mountable Plant Vase, 4 Inch Hanging Succulent Pots

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MyGift is a Seattle-based retailer for everything related to home decor and organization. Enhancing your life through designs made affordable is the mission of MyGift, and this mission has rewarded us with a following of loyal and enthusiastic customers as eager to transform their spaces as we are. A modern take on the classic wall planter Petite and elegantly simple, these miniature ceramic hanging planters offer a wealth of decorative possibilities for indoor and outdoor spaces. A flat bottom and back allow these mini flower pots to be mounted against a wall or used on a table or other flat surface. Add several to a trellis to bring color to a patio, place on a kitchen counter along the backsplash to add brightness, or line a window box for a vibrant accent that brings the outdoors a little closer. With these versatile little planters, the decor possibilities are endless. Plants not included. Approximate Dimensions (in inches): Overall - 4.0 H × 3.9 W × 3.4 D. Opening - 2.4 D; Mounting hole - 0.35 D. Sized to fit Each pot is approximately 4 inches high and 4 inches wide, so each makes a nice, subtle statement Perfectly sized for succulents, small plants, flowers, and other plant life Add plants wherever you need it Provides instant wall upgrade for any plant lover Beautifully decorative design make for a simple, modern touch Easy installation and setup Exclusive tear drop design Creative and unique design adds an interesting twist to the standard wall planter