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Should You Buy Your Child A Cellphone?

Posted by Michelle Murphy on 9/8/2015

How-old-child-cell-phone.jpgChildren today are constantly on the go, running here and there and never stopping. And, we all know their ability with technology is unparalleled. Children can be found playing with Mom and Dad's mobile devices from the time they are able to move their fingers! When is the time we decide to "give in" and purchase our kid their own cell phone? Parents might feel leery of getting their particular child a cell phone because of their age, their maturity, peer pressure/etc. If they do get the phone, they will want to make sure the phone is not only safe for the child, but also a wise investment. Deciding to get a phone is a tough decision, but it will help to consider the following situations.

  • Has your child shown the ability to remember to bring home his or her jacket, backpack, and homework? Phones can get lost, and no matter how hard they plead, you won't want to give one to him or her if it is just going to wind up in the lost and found with the jacket.
  • Do they need the phone for necessity? If your child is going on a trip without you, such as going with friends to the mall, it is very important to you (and to them!) that they be able to call you, should something go wrong. The cell phone provides your best link in case of an emergency. Or, a lifeline when they need your permission to buy those awesome sneakers!
  • Is your child tying up your phone with additional apps, social accounts or chatting with their friends? If you are receiving lots of texts and pings and tweets asking if your child can come and play when you're working, or trying to run errands, this can be really annoying. We all approve these play dates eventually, but we know the pain of your daughter's best friend trying to "facetime" your girl when you are on a conference call.

If you answer yes to all of the above, it might be time to get your child their own phone, with definite limitations and restrictions you outline. That said, if you do get the phone, you now have to worry about protecting your investment. It never ends!

The first fear we have is that the phone will get broken. We all remember what happened the first time they helped make pancakes! Children are clumsy and forgetful by nature; that's just part of being a kid. Fortunately, there are cell phone accessories that can put our minds at ease. You will absolutely want to get a screen protector for their phone, and a sturdy cell phone case. This small addition will save your investment many times over, plus all the designs and colors will keep your child even more happy!

Let's be clear that not every child should have a phone immediately as a birthright, but when you feel your child needs one and is ready for the responsibility, we at Unlimited Cellular will have the accessories to protect the device.


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