1. Silicone Mold for Concrete Succulent Pot DIY, Oval Shape

Silicone Mold for Concrete Succulent Pot DIY, Oval Shape

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There are many planters available in stores, but DIY succulent planters can make your house or office look more attractive. Also a personalized painted planter is a sweet housewarming gift. With this oval silicone succulent molds, you can easily cast your own cute small planters! The designs are ones to get your imagination going with their own stories to tell. Multi-Use: Succulent Centerpiece Great to make succulent garden. Come with small sticks for you to make drainage holes. Green Leaf Plant Also good for small green leaf plant. Table Container Great to tidy up all those bits and pieces on your desk with these containers. These silicone molds can be reused for many times. Considering the big size of this silicone pot mold, wipe the inside with baby oil/release agent can help to demold much more easily. round and square pot mold with tray oval pot mold with tray hexagon pot mold with tray round and square tray mold oval tray mold Pot mold with tray ? ? ? Only tray ? ?