1. Silver Clean And Shine Bath

Silver Clean And Shine Bath

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Now, you can have beautiful Polished Silver with no work at all! ------ Incredible, non-toxic QUICKSHINE SILVER BATH Eliminates all the work! ------ Just place all your tarnished items into the water with an unopen Quickshine sachet. ---- ENSURE ALL ITEMS ARE IN CONTACT WITH THE SILVER SIDE OF THE SACHET---- Add boiling water, (from a tea kettle, not just a hot faucet) ------ In a few minutes your Silver will be bright, shining and clean. ------ No more hard polishing and dirty cloths, and no more build up of polish in corners and engravings - and Quickshine will not wear away your silver-plate like conventional polish. ----- Tested by THE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTE: Carolyn Forte of the Good Housekeeping Institute : "In our tests, we found that it did a really good job at removing tarnish from both sterling silver and silver plate. Good Housekeeping gave the Quickshine Silver Bath..a thumbs up! . . . . . . . .*****OUR TOP TIP: Within a minute of adding hot water, the sachet will start to fizz. IF THE SACHET IS NOT FIZZING, the water is not hot enough, so always use boiling water and look for the fizz! ******------- Checkout the videos below: