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Six Cool Apps for Your Phone

Posted by Sam Weiss on 5/31/2014

If free is the magic word when it comes to phone apps, you are in the right place.  And, speaking of free, make sure you check out all the apps that came with your phone, as there are some really cool apps included as standard with phones these days.  The apps that follow are not apps that come with smartphones. The list of really good, free apps is extensive. Here are six that you’ll definitely want to have:

•  Accompli. This free email client and organizer provides much more than a convenient interface for viewing mail. With an integrated calendar and options to view only image attachments sent to you, or only documents, this little productivity app is a true powerhouse.

•   Any.do. This list-making and task-management app has a unique feature called the Any.do moment, which encourages making a habit of reviewing your daily tasks. This sophisticated app includes time and date reminders, as well as geolocation reminders, which work surprisingly well. Overall, Any.do is great iPhone app for jotting down tasks and goals, and for keeping yourself committed to doing them.

•   Box. Among cloud-based file-syncing and storage programs, Box is fantastic, for collaborative business use in particular. Install the Box program on your home and office computers, and then add the Box iPhone app to the mix. The service will make sure you always have access to the most recent file from any one of your devices. You get a generous 10GB of space for your stuff. In collaborating, you can add comments to any file, as well as read comments that other people have added, which is an elegant and fast way to work with colleagues when you're on the go.

•   Gain Fitness. The iPhone app GAIN Fitness acts as a total workout buddy, coaching you through a fully customized exercise routine as often (or seldom) as you want. This app comes pre-loaded with a variety of exercises for a complete body workout, and it's more than enough to keep you from getting bored week after week. Optional in-app purchases can add special workouts, like yoga.

•   Gmail. Speed, better search functions, and color-coded threading make the standalone Gmail iPhone app preferable to the built-in Mail app (where you can access Gmail). Google's Gmail app allows iPhone users to decide what they want in an email app like if they prefer search capability over text displayed at readable sizes. The Gmail app searches your entire email so much easier and faster than the pre-installed Mail app.

Google Drive. Apple users with a Google Drive account cheered earlier this year when a standalone Google Drive app finally arrived for iPhone. Previously, it was a chore to access Google documents from the tiny screen of an iPhone, using either third-party apps or a browser app, where functionality was awkward and limited. It's much easier to use, via the free, official app from Google, so be sure to download it.


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