1. Small Plant Pots Set, 4.3 Inch & 6 Inch Ceramic Planter Pot for Plants with Drainage Hole and Saucer, Black, 94-G-S-2

Small Plant Pots Set, 4.3 Inch & 6 Inch Ceramic Planter Pot for Plants with Drainage Hole and Saucer, Black, 94-G-S-2

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D'vine Dev Planter Pot and Vases - Ceramic planter pot with drainage holes and saucers, perfect small indoor planter pots, tabletop pots for plants. The pots are finished with elegant color glazed finishing to provide modern but sleek design, it can easily accent your home or garden with various décor. Ceramic planter pot with drainage holes and saucers Pack of 2 - 4 Inch + 6 Inch Material: Ceramic What’s included: 4 Inch planter pot with tray x 1 6 Inch planter pot with tray x 1 Stainless drainage mesh net x 2 Scratch pad x 2 Ceramic Planter Filler DESIGN 100% Ceramic Pot – High Temperature Firing. Glazed Outside but Not Inside. Pre-Drilled Drainage Hole. Perfectly Fitting Saucers/Trays Included Mesh Nets Accessories Included. Outdoor and Indoor Use Ceramic Planters in Rich Color Available in seven colors, Different color gives you different feeling, They all can fits in bright or colored interior home decor. WhiteBlackGreyTerracottaWhite/TerracottaWhite & Speckled GreyBlack & Speckled Tan Each set contains 2 ceramic planter pots with Large and Small sizes, perfectly harmonious and able to meet your various special needs. Suitable for planting most small and medium plants like herbs, peace lily, succulent plants, orchid and so on. Great for decorating windowsill, tabletop, shelf, bedroom, kitchen, garden, and outdoor patio. Tabletop Scratch Pad Protector The planter pot or tray bottom has a slightly rough finishing / un-glazed. In order to avoid any scratches on your beautiful planter shelf or tabletop or wood floor surface, please use the scratch pad included and place it on the tabletop, then place the ceramic saucer on top of it before the pot to protect your wooden furniture surface from scratches. Drainage Hole / Fitting Saucer Each pot also comes a perfectly fitting ceramic tray as well as drainage net to prevent falling soil from pot. Keep your space clean with a nice pot with tray decoration. With drainage hole at the bottom of planter pot as well as a perfectly matching ceramic saucer, the pot with tray can be perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. Keep space clean and shine. Smooth Surface & Glazed Outside Keep it nice and clean. The glazed smooth surface can be easily cleaned without leaving stains or scratches. The high-quality ceramic material and glazed color finishing with high temperature firing gives a nice touch on your modern home. Drainage Mesh Net / Planter Filler Place the mesh net inside the pot to cover the drainage hole and to prevent potting soil from falling off the pot. An extra ceramic planter filler is also provided. You can choose to place the ceramic planter fillers at the bottom of the pot to elevate the potting soil and avoid excessive water accumulated at the bottom or spread them evenly on the surface as decoration at your choice. Beaded Stoneware Planter Pot/2pack Embossed Leaves Planter Pot/2pack Ceramic Planter Pot (Matte White/Terracotta) Set of 4 Small Succulent Plant Pots Set of 2 Plants Pot, 6 Inch Set of 2 Plant Pots, 4 Inch & 6 Inch Material Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Set 2 2 2 4 2 2 Size 4 inch & 6 inch 4 inch & 6 inch 4 inch & 6 inch 4 inch *4 6 inch *2 4 inch & 6 inch Drainage Hole ? ? ? ? ? ? Perfect Fitting Tray ? ? ? ? ? Mesh Net ? ? ? ? ? ?