1. Smart Pots 12502 Liner, 10.5-feet

Smart Pots 12502 Liner, 10.5-feet

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Size:10.5-feet The sensible way to water raised beds and other large containers. Bed Wetters are perfect for watering your Smart Pots Big Bag Bed, other raised bed or a large container. The hose weeps water through its pores, helping to prevent damage to the foliage of delicate plants and bringing water straight to the root zone where it's needed most. Conserves up to 70% of water. The flexible 3/8" hose adjusts to different shapes of beds and evenly waters from one end to the other. Meets the lead-free standard under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Available in three sizes: 4-feet fits Big Bag Bed Mini, 10.5-feet fits Big Bag Bed Junior, and 13.5-feet fits Big Bag Bed Original.