1. Solar String Lights, Magictec LED S14 Solar String Light Outdoor Waterproof Lighting Decoration Energy Saving Hanging Decor for Garden, Balcony, Porch, Backyard or Camp Tent 27 ft

Solar String Lights, Magictec LED S14 Solar String Light Outdoor Waterproof Lighting Decoration Energy Saving Hanging Decor for Garden, Balcony, Porch, Backyard or Camp Tent 27 ft

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LOOKING FOR A COST-EFFECTIVE DECORATIVE & FUNCTIONAL LIGHTING FOR YOUR OUTDOOR SPACES? A well-lit porch, backyard, or garden can make a home appear warm and inviting. But many homeowners shy away from using outdoor lighting fixtures mainly because of the associated costs. Installation, operation, maintenance – all of these cost money, money that many people would rather spend on other matters more important than home improvement. Does this mean should you completely forget about outdoor lighting? Should you be content with sitting around in the dark every time the sun goes down? The answer to both questions? A resounding “No!” MORE LIGHTS, LESS EXPENSES Our string lights harness the power of the sun to recharge their batteries which then powers up the LED light bulbs at night. With our solar string lights, you can enjoy brighter outdoor spaces at no additional costs to your monthly electricity bills! Aside from the electricity savings, you also don't have to pay an electrician to install our solar lights because you can do it yourself! AN ECO-CONSCIOUS WAY TO LIGHTUP YOUR HOME Using our solar string lights helps to cut down on the amount of fossil fuels consumed by power plants. Along that line, it also helps to reduce carbon emissions from the said facilities. Solar lighting is not only a practical and cost-effective approach to brightening up your outdoor areas, but it's also one way of helping protect our natural resources, the atmosphere, and Mother Nature in general! BRIGHTEN UP MORE OUTDOOR SPACES Need to illuminate the whole patio? Want to make sure every corner of your gazebo is bathed in light? We got you covered! With a total of 27 feet in string length and twelve 1.5W light bulbs, our solar string lights are more than sufficient to light up wide outdoor spaces. Don't settle for dimly lit evening family gatherings or romantic dinner dates. Brighten up any outdoor space with our solar string lights! Brighten up your patio, deck, and other outdoor spaces with the Magictec LED Solar String Lights! MORE REASONS TO LOVE OUR PRODUCT! SET THE MOOD & ENJOY Enhance the ambience around your garden, lawn, or backyard with our solar string lights. It's equipped with LED light bulbs that give off a nice, warm glow that'll make any outdoor space look homelier and inviting. Our solar lighting fixture also switches from a slow, breathing strobe to a faster and more exciting mode. It's a great way to give your outdoor areas a bit of life and personality! STAY LIT FOR HOURS Our long-lasting solar string lights is also equipped with a powerful 3.7v 2000mAH battery. It's capable of providing you with at least 6 hours of light after an 8-hour charge. That's more than enough lighting to last you from an early dinner to after-hours night cap! The long battery lifespan also allows you to use it to enhance the security around your home's perimeters if needed. WEATHERPROOF LIGHTING Worried that our solar string lights won’t be able to withstand turbulent weather and harsh climates? Worry no more! Our sturdy LED light bulbs were designed to be completely shatterproof and waterproof so you can rest easy knowing they’ll be able to brave out even the strongest thunderstorms and the hottest summer days. Keep your outdoor spaces well-lit all year round, regardless of the season.