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Soon All Children May Need Their Own Cell Phones

Posted by Unlimited Cellular on 8/4/2014

First of all, this is not another clever idea to sell phones to kids who are really too young to understand the responsibility that comes with cell phone ownership. Let’s face it, you would have to be blind to not notice that today’s kids are mostly spoiled, when it comes to devices and technological gadgets that they don’t really need. There does, however, appear to be a growing debate on the topic of whether or not kids should have their own cell phones, and the appropriate age they should be when they get one.

Gone Are The Home Landlines Of Yesterday

wasn’t that long ago that landlines were the customary method used by kids to call their friends, and when they would dial the number of their friend’s home phone, it might be answered by anyone who lived there...maybe even their friend. Well, those days have flown the coop, and today, kids are relegated to calling their friends’ parents’ phones if they want to converse with their friends.

Kids Are A Little Cut Off

Kids who want to place phone calls must either use their parents’ phones or a phone that belongs to someone they know who does own a phone. This tends to take away a little bit of autonomy that should actually be afforded to kids who are not quite old enough to handle the outright open freedom of having their own phone but may have the need to place calls without finding someone who has a phone they can use.

Causes For Consideration

While the decision of the best age to begin cell phone ownership is exclusively up to the parents, there are certain considerations they should ponder, before simply naysaying the deal. There are numerous occasions where parents actually need to get in touch with or maintain contact with their children, and the ones who have cell phones can be easily contacted by worried parents, anytime. In addition, kids can fully communicate with their parents when they need to, without having to find someone who has a phone they can borrow, which, in certain situations, could be difficult.

Specific Use

Because the average 8 year old may not be mature enough to be handed their own phone, it may not be a bad idea for the parents to consider getting a phone just to be used for special occasions by their kids. This phone might even be one that’s normally kept by a parent, and provided to the kid who is, say, visiting at a friend’s house or perhaps playing outside. They could be given specific instructions on the limits of their phone use, and certainly, if those limits weren’t observed, there would be consequences. It just seems like the “extra phone” would be a practical way to resolve several issues revolving around communication lags between parents and their children.

It’s The Future

It can be a tough world out there, and there are just certain times when parents would be more assured to know that, if their child needs to get in touch with them quickly, they can. Sound strange or overly indulgent? The time is coming when we’re going to see kids getting their own phones at earlier ages. This method presents a sensible solution to the issue.


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