1. Spermcheck Vasectomy Home Test Kit | FSA - HSA Eligible

Spermcheck Vasectomy Home Test Kit | FSA - HSA Eligible

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SpermCheck Vasectomy is an FDA-cleared male fertility test product for recently vasectomized men wishing to confirm the success of their vasectomy or to monitor for recanalization (when the vas deferens manages to "grow back" and reverse the vasectomy, making a man fertile again). Results in 10 Minutes - Recommended by Urologists - Convenient & Private. Package Contents: 2 SpermCheck Devices - 2 Semen Collection Cups - 2 Semen Transfer Devices - 2 Solution Bottles - 1 Instructions for Use. Instructions: 1. Collect semen sample in collection cup. Let stand for 20 minutes. 2. Fill semen transfer device up to black line with semen sample and add to SpermCheck Fertility solution bottle. 3. Mix semen sample and solution by turning bottle upside down 5 to 10 times. Let stand for 2 minutes. 4. Twist off of the SpermCheck Fertility solution bottle cap and add 5 drops to the sample well marked "S." Read results after 7 minutes. This product is for men checking their post-vasectomy sperm-count ONLY. It is NOT for use when trying to conceive. You can purchase Spermcheck Fertility from Amazon.