1. Spirulina 100% - 2000 + 400 tabs /200mg, Tiny Tablet

Spirulina 100% - 2000 + 400 tabs /200mg, Tiny Tablet

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Algae Spirulina which have been used as food since ancient times. Good nutritional balance, from a height of digestibility, is a popular health food in the United States and Europe, is on the shelves of super is lined with pastry and juice of many types of spirulina filled. Has been increasing in recent years also popular in Japan, especially spirulina spread Board of spirulina, has received a high evaluation over more than 30 years in terms of quality and price. 1. 2. digestion and absorption is better to 5 major nutrients are included all well-balanced. Vegetable protein containing 95% digestibility 3. alkaline foods 4. amino acid 18 type 2 hours is included about 70% 5. vitamins, ?Á-linolenic acid is a treasure 6. unsaturated fatty acids of mineral, linoleic acid 7. beta carotene that contains 10 times the carrot, 8. chlorophyll (chlorophyll) that contains 60 times the spinach is rich 9. rich 10. iron vitamin B12 difficult birds from the diet is rich spirulina 100% is as it was the only spirulina (blue-green algae) in the grain, people from infants of older, you can drink for those ages up pregnant. Health maintenance to better purpose, obtained a sufficient effect in this basic type of spirulina. Those who like to those who lack recommended vegetables is a concern, those who deviation of nutrition is a concern, those who can easily sick, such as better food intake is low.