1. Stainless Steel Transplanter, Garden Trowel with Ergonomic Handle, Depth Marker Measurements Shovel Tool for More Accurate Planting Transplanting Digging

Stainless Steel Transplanter, Garden Trowel with Ergonomic Handle, Depth Marker Measurements Shovel Tool for More Accurate Planting Transplanting Digging

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Berry&Bird Garden Transplanter BERRY & BIRD is a manufacturer specializing in the production of garden tools. Since 2008, it has been focusing on manufacturing handmade garden tools and has been tested by users worldwide. It is one of the best garden tool manufacturers. After years of hard work, we have continuously updated the technology, improved the technology, and manufactured excellent quality garden tools. BERRY&BIRD have passed FSC certification. We pay attention to the environmental protection of forests and are committed to ensuring a sustainable and responsible forest management system through clear standards and certifications. Why Choose Berry&Bird With decades of experience in gardening field. Ladies and children caring range are all covered. Enjoy sharing valuable tools with all gardeners. Great listener for all pros and cons from customers. Leather Hanging Rope Every wooden handle comes with a leather hanging rope, which is classic and durable. It’s easy to store after finishing cultivation. No worries about losing the tool in the long grass anymore. Comfortable Handle The handle (made of FSC approved ash wood) is designed in an ergonomic streamline, which fits the natural shape of the hand when holding and using, making the gardening process more comfortable and labor-saving. Seamless Welding With a mature welding technology, the connection between the metal part and the wooden handle is smooth and strong. Moreover, they could be used at least for 10 years through normal use and maintenance care. Weatherproof Metal Part The whole metal part is made of polished stainless steel, heat treated,durable and lasting anti-corrosion. With smooth edge, bright and clean surface is easy to clean. Depth markers for easy measurement for more consistent planting or transplanting. Great for working in tight spots or confined areas,Ideal for planting bulbs and other precise tasks. Ideal for a variety of tasks including digging, weeding, loosening soil, aerating, transplanting and more. Heavy Duty stainless steel is bend proof and break proof for confident digging in heavy clay or rocky soils. The perfect gift for any gardener! Old-fashioned quality combined with innovative designs make Berry&Bird the ultimate gardener's choice. After using each time, the resin and sludge deposited on the surface of the tool should be cleaned. Do not store in a damp place. Package Included 1 x Stainless steel garden trowel Every Berry&Bird product adheres to the purpose of conforming to nature. Whether it is the material of the product itself or the feeling of holding it in hand, you won't be disappointed. If you love gardening, you will naturally love our tools. They are simple in appearance, suitable in weight and efficient in work. Even 10 years later, the tools would be still there quietly, perfectly performing every task. Designed for transplanting small perennials and bulbs, the long blade of the transplanter has depth markings to help find the proper planting depths. Perfect for all your garden needs, such as digging, loosening soil, planting seeds, transplanting seedings, plants and bulbs, weeding garden beds, mixing soil, compost, scooping fertilizer. Hori-Hori Knife Hand Saw Pruning Snips Crack Weeder Bulb Planter Mattock Hoe