1. Stretchable Book Cover (C1-Jumbo Value Pack, 6 Artistic Prints)

Stretchable Book Cover (C1-Jumbo Value Pack, 6 Artistic Prints)

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InstyleCraft Book Covers are made up of high quality ultra-stretchable manmade fabric (85% Polyester, 15% Spandex) and are Lead and Phthalate free.The fabric can easily endure normal wear and tear that occurs during everyday use. These covers act as a barrier to protect your books from dust, stains and scuffs. If you are planning to sell your books at the year end, this might help your books to retain their value.Forget those Glues and TapesInstyleCraft book covers are designed for easy application and damage free removal. The covers can be put on or off in just three easy steps taking few seconds. You will not need any other supplies or tools and will never have to resize the covers.Hardcover or Paperbacks? While the cover is primarily designed for Hardcover books but if the size difference between the un-stretched cover and the paperback book is not much, it works quite well on paperbacks as well. The cover should fit with a light stretch on a paperback.Cover dimensions are provided below as well as in the pictures.Reduce - ReuseThe cover can be either hand washed or washed in a regular washing machine. This will keep it looking great longer. It can also be reused when you switch books. Always follow the care instructions provided on the product.Dimensions Fits Book Sizes from 8" X 9.5" to 11? X 11?Click the ?ADD TO CART? button to get this pack of 6 high quality book covers NOW!