1. Sun Joe TRJ608E Electric String Trimmer, Green

Sun Joe TRJ608E Electric String Trimmer, Green

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THE LIGHT CHOICE IS THE RIGHT CHOICE! Shape up the yard and trim in tough-to-reach places the mower just can't get with the 10" Electric Grass Trimmer from SUN JOE. Perfect for quick touch-ups around walkways, driveways, gardens, porches and patios, this ultra-lightweight trimmer cuts a crisp path 10-inches wide with each pass. Sun Joe's eco-friendly 2.8-amp motor means no more fussing with gas, maintenance, or noxious fumes. And the semi-auto feed spool makes it easy to advance the trimming line — simply stop and start the machine and the line is advanced automatically! Plus, the available 6-pack of replacement spools (sold separately) are the perfect addition to your Sun Joe trimmer. Weighing less than 4 lbs, Sun Joe's ergonomic armrest maximizes user comfort and control for simple one-handed operation. Just plug in, power up, and go! So, when you want your lawn to look its best, Go With Joe. TRJ608E Electric String Trimmer from Sun Joe. GET EQUIPPED!