1. SupremeTech Hanging Acrylic Shelves for Windows (22" Wide, 4 Shelves - 55" Tall)

SupremeTech Hanging Acrylic Shelves for Windows (22" Wide, 4 Shelves - 55" Tall)

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Ever wanted to have more plants in your house, but just didn't have the space, or just lacked good sunlight where you did have space. Here's a way to add a significant number of plants to your house without taking up a lot of space, and while ensuring the plants have plenty of sunlight. These shelves offer an easy way to cheer up any room with lovely plants, and an opportunity to grow all the plants you've been wanting to grow but just didn't have the space for. Each shelf can hold about 14 pounds, with a max of about 50 pounds for the whole set of shelves. Take care to watch for any significant bending though to ensure the shelves are not overloaded. Also make sure what you hang the shelves from is sturdy enough to hold the weight. Beautiful and Sturdy Window Plant Shelves Window Mounted Shelves These shelves sit in your window and offer a convenient way to add more space for plants without taking up room in your house. It's also a perfect place for most plants as it ensures they get a lot of sunlight. These shelves can be mounted by hanging from your window trim. If you don't have trim, you can use the existing mounting block, or you can potentially put the included screws through the angle bracket up into the top of the window frame area. Clear Sturdy Acrylic The shelves are made out of sturdy acrylic that is beautiful and nearly invisible. Each shelf can hold about 14 pounds. You can adjust the shelves to any position along the length of the wire using the included metal collars Beautify Your View with Lovely Plants Add some life to your window view whatever time of year it is. Grow some of your favorite plants right in front of your window without taking up extra space. Because acrylic is even clearer than glass your plants will almost seem to float in front of the window keeping the amount of window obscured to a minimum.