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Surprising (Yet Useful) Cell Phone Accessories

Posted by Michelle Murphy on 8/31/2015

Surprising (Yet Useful) Cell Phone Accessories

Let’s be honest, there are a slew of accessories for our mobile devices, and it’s difficult to keep track. The world of cell phone accessories continues to advance past the days of carrying cases or plug-in cameras. We’ve been keeping an eye on some of the most surprising advances in cell phone accessories and have found a whole world of strange devices that still offer you some type of advantage. Below are a few that sparked our interest and thought we’d share! Are any of these new trinkets right for you?


Are you a traveling musician? Aspiring to be the next big rock star? Pretend to be? If yes, you will love the iRig, as it converts your iPhone into a miniature amplifier. It processes guitar signals to reduce noise, increase volume, and add a myriad of special effects. While it obviously won't take the place of a real amplifier (or, get you on the next reality TV show), it can convert your iPhone into an inexpensive practice amp or recording device.

Sense Mother

If you’re looking to boost your home safety, we recommend checking out Sense Mother to convert your smartphone or tablet into an inexpensive security system. This is not your typical home security app. Basically, you install four small (and super cute) electronic dolls throughout your home. They monitor and the temperature of your home and wirelessly stream this information to your phone to detect a break-in. Yes, those of you who have issues with past horror films with dolls my get creeped out, but no worries, these are there to protect you.


Do you have big thumbs, or over texted thumbs, and are constantly misspelling and at the mercy of automatic spell check? Textees might be just what you need. These small rubber nubs fit over your thumbs and narrow the point of contact down to a more precise location. They are like little pointers for your chubby thumbs.

As the world of cell phone accessories continues to expand, more and more intriguing accessories come into existence. Some strange, some not, but always an intended customer. Check back with us regularly to learn more about the diverse world of cell phones and cell accessories!


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