1. TABOR TOOLS Folding Saw with 8 Inch Curved Blade and Rugged Grip Handle, Hand Saw for Pruning Trees, Trimming Branches, Camping, Clearing Forest Trails. TTS25A. (Curved Blade 8 Inch)

TABOR TOOLS Folding Saw with 8 Inch Curved Blade and Rugged Grip Handle, Hand Saw for Pruning Trees, Trimming Branches, Camping, Clearing Forest Trails. TTS25A. (Curved Blade 8 Inch)

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TABOR TOOLS TTS25A Folding Saw The TTS25A Folding Saw is great for gardening, camping, clearing trails, hiking, tree trimming or around the house chores. The red handle will make the saw easy to locate if dropped. TABOR TOOLS Quality This saw is meant for pruning branches up to 4" in diameter. Suitable for clean cut pruning, cut-to-length work, and preparatory cuts. This tool has been designed with comfort and functionality in mind, featuring ergonomically contoured grips and coated blades for a sharper, longer lasting cut. The comfortable, ergonomic grips also ensure a balanced weight across the tool. This power-house tool enables users to tackle cutting jobs well without straining or expending a lot of energy. No need to fire up the chainsaw! Bade with three-angled razor teeth: there's no cut you can't make! The blade has rugged “three-angle” razor teeth, which cut on the draw stroke backwards and make deep satisfying cuts, tearing through whatever wood stands before you. Works great for limbing trees like oaks and pines. The teeth are impulse-hardened to increase their hardness and lifespan of the bladeBlade with a 3-dimensional cutting edgeHard chrome-plated steel conical blade won't clog or bindBlade is rust-resistant and the teeth design prevent sap buildupThe handle is ergonomically shaped so your hand/wrist won’t ache after using it.4" cutting capacity saw depending on the type of wood A word of warning! The blade is strong and sharp, however, it should be used with pull stroke only, or it will bend or break! Don't forget to use safety goggles or eye protection when using this product. Safe and comfortable handle Safe locking mechanism: The blade locks in folded and unfolded positions for safety. For both opening and closing the saw, simply press the black button. In the open position, the lock prevents the saw from collapsing or snapping. The blade folds FULLY into the handle, so you can safely toss in a pack or pocket without fear of snagging the fabric. The handle of this model functions as a hard case scabbard for safe storage and transport, preventing the saw from cutting you while traveling, walking or working. Slip the folded saw into your pocket: it is so light you won't feel it's there. Non-Slip Rugged Handle The TABOR Hand Saw with sheath has an ergonomically-designed, no-slip handle allowing for better blade control when cutting branches or small trees. The hook on the end of the pistol-grip is helpful when wearing gloves. Stabilizing and Safe Locking Mechanism Easily lock the blade in place using the reliable click lock. When closed, the lock keeps the blade in tight. The handle has a large "quick storage" hole, so you can hang the saw on a hook or attach a lanyard. Curved Blade With 3-Angled Teeth The curve of the blade helps the saw cut more smoothly and efficiently by helping it stay on track. The blade features super sharp teeth for more aggressive and faster cutting. TABOR TOOLS: Designed to make an Impact. TABOR TOOLS is your go-to specialist for quality garden tools. If you love gardening, you'll want the best possible tools for every garden task. The tools black make sure to leave a strong lasting impression.Customers can depend on quality Garden and Landscaping Tools year after year.