1. TalkTools® Sensi Oral Sensory Therapy Tool for Speech and Feeding

TalkTools® Sensi Oral Sensory Therapy Tool for Speech and Feeding

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TalkTools Sensi is an oral motor therapy tool designed to improve speech, feeding and sensory skills through vibration to "wake up the mouth". Use the TalkTools Sensi to provide oral motor development, tactile input and sensory stimulation on targeted areas within the oral cavity. The sleek, light weight design of the TalkTools Sensi allows for an easy grip and no hassle while replacing tips.   The TalkTools Sensi brings enhanced design and function to OPT (sometimes referred to as Oral Motor Therapy) and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy. TalkTools Sensi features include: Includes ? TalkTools Sensi, ? Blue Chewy Tip, ? Reusable Storage Pouch and TalkTools Sensi ManualProvides sensory stimulation through vibration while increasing focus to lips, cheek, tongue and jaw areasUsed to improve biting and chewing skillsImprove jaw strength, coordination, and mobilityNew ergonomic base that fits old and new chewy tips and takes standard AAA batteriesEasy attachment method means no-hassle tip changeOne click multi-speed operation with pulse and memory featurePatent Pending Note: Oral therapy tool, NOT a toy, children should be supervised at all times.