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Tech21 Evo Elite Case for iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus - Brushed Black

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Tech21 Evo Elite Case for iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus - Brushed Black
Part Number: T21-5355-UD
Availability: Condition: Used
Feature: 131
The tech21??? Evo Elite??? for iPhone 7 Plus is tech21's most-sophisticated protection case yet. Precisely color matched to iPhone 7 Plus's iconic aluminum backing, Evo Elite offers advanced protection in an ultra-thin, super-lightweight design. Advanced FlexShock??? material absorbs impact force and repels it away from your iPhone 7 Plus. Designed for complete access to all functions and interference-free signal quality.

Intelligent FlexShock protection FlexShock is a cutting-edge, hybrid material with multiple stages of protection that absorb and repel the energy of impact. Any remaining energy is dissipated through the case's structure, away from the point of impact. And Evo Elite is tested to protect your iPhone 7 Plus from drops up to six feet.*

Slimmer and lighter Ultra thin and lightweight, Evo Elite for iPhone 7 Plus is up to 30 percent slimmer and 60 percent lighter than other cases offering similar levels of protection. That's less bulk for you to carry, and it's easier to handle. Because the cases are so slim, they truly complement the design of your iPhone 7 Plus.

Unhindered user experience Evo Elite is designed so that nothing impacts the performance of your iPhone 7 Plus. Not only does the case offer a secure fit and feel, it also provides exact access to all ports and buttons. And thanks to FlexShock construction, Evo Elite won't interfere with signal quality, Wi-Fi or sensors.

*Built to exceed MIL-STD 810G.516.6 to 6 ft.

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